How to Creatively Use Prints for Your Marketing Needs

If you own a business that is open to the public, you know that each time a prospective customer walks in the premises, you won’t have a second chance to make a great first impression. That’s why it’s crucial that you pay particular attention to the interior design and decor of the office. This is where Desenio can help you out.

Usually, computers and workstations are the managers’ primary concern. Employees have to work efficiently and safely, that’s for sure. Lighting is generally addressed too, as it happens with furniture, which, on top of chairs and desks, should also include a sofa and a couple of designer armchairs to set up a comfortable waiting room or recreational area.

Dress Up Your Walls

But, having said that, do you know which are the most visible elements in your office? Simple: the largest, hence, the walls. The best way to effectively tackle the challenging task of finding the right artwork for your office is by browsing through an online catalog of good-quality prints as provided by Desenio. Art prints are not as expensive as paintings, and, once framed, they will look great for many years, adding a modern, sleek and classy touch to any decor. Plus, you can choose between many different designs and mix and match shapes, sizes, and colors.

Conference Halls and Meeting Rooms

In larger rooms, you can opt to decorate only one wall, either choosing a single, large size picture or a cluster of smaller pictures hanged one next to the other. For a flawless and “corporate” effect, make sure that the color palette of the prints of your choice matches the shades of your existing furniture and, why not, of your brand’s logo.

Brand Building in Social Media and Video Conferencing

If you promote your business through social networks, you know that a picture tells a thousand words. If you share images of your daily office life with your customers, business partners, and coworkers, your new collection of prints will certainly make the perfect background for your snaps. Lately, it’s become common to meet people through video conferencing. How sad are those plain, white walls behind the speaker… To create a simple yet effective and stylish background, just hang one of two prints behind you and call it a day!

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