How To Market Furniture Products

When working in a marketing agency, your main job is naturally to market different products and services towards their relevant target audiences. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and a lot of work goes into establishing what the target audience of a particular product is. If you’re looking for help with how to market furniture products, then this handy guide of tips will help.

Find The Target Audience

Finding the target audience for a furniture product isn’t always straight forward. Market research and focus groups could assist you in determining exactly who will buy the product. Through research, you can start to establish the typical age range of customers who’d purchase your furniture product, what kind of work they do, where they’d typically live and other demographics that can help with marketing such as gender. For instance, if you’re looking to market sofa covers from Bemz then you’d typically be aiming to market towards people who rent or own their own home (and thus are likely to own a sofa themselves). You’d possibly also want to target your marketing for Bemz sofa covers towards women, who in many household situations will take a more leading role in the design of the property and the furnishings inside. You’d generally be wanting to target those over 18, as they’re more likely to have their own home and thus be requiring products such as Bemz sofa covers.

Unique Selling Point

Once you’ve determined who you’ll be marketing towards, next up is to establish the unique selling point (USP) of the product. Why would people choose to buy the product you’re marketing as opposed to that of a competitor? USPs of sofa covers from Bemz could be that they come in a wide variety of styles and textures, allowing a greater choice than many competitors. Being able to order free samples is also a benefit that helps Bemz to stand out, allowing customers to see how the particular fabric would look against the rest of the furniture and decor in their home. Finding the USP of the product you’re marketing will allow you to market it effectively and center any adverts around this USP, so never overlook this stage of the process.

Marketing Method

Now you’ve established the target audience of your product, and figured out what the unique selling points of it are that would make customers want to buy it, it’s time to work out how you’re going to market the product. For example, will you be utilizing traditional television adverts? Or perhaps you’ll be paying for promoted adverts on social media platforms, which allow a great deal of demographic customization to specifically decide who will see it? You’ll possibly want to place an advert in a newspaper, or send out marketing emails to relevant customers on your marketing list. Whatever method of marketing you choose, ensure it allows you to reach the greatest possible audience who will match the demographics of those you’re trying to get to buy your product.

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