How to promote your content marketing work

Once you’ve put a lot of effort into creating great pieces of content marketing for your website, it can be a little bit dispiriting if you have to sit back and wait for people to notice what you have done and for it to start having an impact on your bottom line. This is why the way that you promote it is so important. Here are a few examples of what you can do to make people notice your work.

The first place to try is your social media accounts. Spend some time building up your profile and your social media accounts in general. If you have a good group of followers, they will be the first to read anything you write.

The next option is to pay for a bit of exposure. You can do this either by paying to boost your social media reach or by using a paid search marketing service such as Google Ads. If you do go for this approach, make sure you’re realistic about what can be achieved and what return on investment you expect from any money you spend.

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