Are You Marketing to the Right Audience?

When companies start putting together their marketing strategy, it can be tempting for them to try to reach the widest possible audience. After all, one might assume that the more people who are in your audience, the more likely it is that one of them will decide to buy your product or service.

Marketing science and experience, however, shows that this isn’t the case. Marketing campaigns tend to be most effective when they send a message that is relevant to a particular audience. A dull, generic message that talks to a wide group is far less likely to be effective than a direct and specific message that speaks to a smaller one.

Example: How to Select Your Audience

Let’s look at a working example of how to define the audience for a marketing campaign. Imagine that you’ve been tasked with running an online marketing campaign that will generate new users for, a website that offers GP consultations without the need to visit a doctor. Undoubtedly the very first thing to do is to think of the type of person that is most likely to use this service. By its very nature, Livi is most likely to appeal to a person who is busy and finds it difficult to fit a normal medical appointment into their daily schedule. They’ll also need to be fairly confident about using apps and mobile technology in order to use the message.

This might sound like fairly obvious information, but it’s more than enough for you to start shaping your campaign. You already know that your audience is likely to be younger than the average person. You also know that they will be more tech-savvy and are likely to have a relatively high disposable income. You also now know the messages that you will have to push to your audience. It will be important to highlight the convenience of the app, compared to other options that exist for medical care.

This audience-based approach can also work for products with a completely generic appeal. The odds are that different people will have various reasons for selecting a particular product or service. By identifying these and making sure that you highlight the correct advantages in advertising that is aimed at a certain audience, you can improve the results of your campaigns and run different messages without confusing the overall point that you are trying to make.

No doubt that getting the right message to your audience is one of the key principles of advertising and, once you learn to think in this way, you will find it far easier to create successful advertising campaigns for your brand that drive the results you are looking for.

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