Fundamentals of Email Marketing

With technology undoubtedly disrupting every aspect of our lives, businesses cannot afford to ignore the many opportunities it presents. Technology has made things a lot easier for the firms that have been quick to adapt to the changes brought by it and leveraging it to break new grounds.

Email marketing has been one of the many opportunities presented to businesses to do things differently.

However, email marketing might seem like the easiest route to reaching out to potential clients. Still, it calls for a clear understanding of the people your marketing message targets. It goes beyond weaving a grand narrative about your products or services. When done right, email engagement should bring about two results; drive engagements that lead to conversion and the most important of all, revenue.

Achieving the mentioned results is not rocket science as long as a few things are done correctly. Here are valuable tips that up and coming email marketers and seasoned ones can make fair use of to achieve desired results.

Humanize your messages: People tend to engage better with emails sent from a person instead of those from a company. For instance, for companies such as Aim’n specializing in premier sports outfits for women, it would make more sense having someone from the marketing department sending an email to notify their clients of new products other than the company itself. This makes the message more personal, and the chances of someone opening such an email and responding are very high.

Be clear and concise: Whet your target readers’ appetite to read your message by being transparent and direct to the point without overburdening them with so many words. The average reading time for a standard email is eleven seconds. Ensure your message can be read and understood within such a duration. Whatever you do, get the subject line right.

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