How to attribute the content that you post on your website

Once you’ve put together a content marketing plan for your website, there is one more question to be asked that some webmasters ignore in their rush to get their site online. Who should we attribute the content to? This is not a hypothetical question anymore. The latest major update to the Google search algorithm, known as the EAT (expertise, authority, trustworthiness) update promoted sites that show their credentials and which are written by authors with good reputations in their field. This means that it’s worth seeking out the people in your business who have strong reputations in your sector and making them the face of your content.

How to write an author bio

Once you have selected the person that you are going to attribute the content to, you will need to build an author page for them. This is the place where you will show off the credentials of the person that you have chosen. You can do this by linking to independent websites where their articles have also been published and explain the track record of the person in question.

The best way to see this page is as a LinkedIn profile for the writer (you can even link to their actual LinkedIn page from here as well). It should be a short and snappy read that quickly convinces the visitor (and the search engine robot) that the person you have chosen knows what they are talking about and is worth listening to on this particular subject. Don’t fall for the temptation to include paragraphs of waffling text and bullet-pointed lists. Short snappy sentences should be your friend here.

Person-focused​ content is going to be the next big thing in online marketing and by getting your pages sorted now, you can be ahead of the curve.

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