YouTube Marketing: Grow Your Channel with Product Reviews

Now that online sales have grown exponentially, customers often browse the internet to search for information that will help them to make an informed decision about their purchases. That’s why product reviews on YouTube are becoming so popular. Would you like to give it a go?

Make a Production Plan

You can start with the products you already own. Write a rough script, think about your marketing goal and audience, and, once you are ready, shoot some videos. Once you have a consistent follow (about a thousand subscribers), try to contact companies interested in the product niche that you have chosen, such as consumer electronics, beauty and health products, household items or even video games. If the company is interested, they may send you a free sample to review.

Before You Shoot: Practical Tips

The set of your shoot can be very simple. A desk and a plain background are enough, but it’s important that you place the lights correctly and that you use an HD camera. Wear a plain T-shirt or a jersey. In order to achieve a tremendous video presence, make sure you smile and are at ease in front of the camera.

You don’t need to wear makeup, but you can use skin care product such as the Verso eye serum, to improve your look, and cream to even your skin. It’s crucial that you clearly show the product and its functions and that your voice is clearly visible, together with good audio quality.

Post Production

When you are happy with your footage, you will need to go through a post-production stage, when the video will be edited to make the final video more interesting and professional. You can add music and text, with links to your previous videos, website or social media channels. And… don’t forget to add a “follow” button!

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