Getting your website ready for the mobile age

If your website experience still isn’t up to scratch on mobile devices then you’re really playing with fire. Google may still be in the process of rolling out its mobile-first indexing update but in a few months, it will be active on all searches. This means that websites that provide a poor experience on mobile devices, including those that redirect visitors on mobiles to a mobile-specific version of the site, will suffer in Google’s search results.

How to ensure your site is ready for the new index

To avoid being penalized by the new setup, all websites must use what is known as mobile responsive design. This means that all of the elements of your site can rearrange themselves to look good on any size of screen. If you implement this approach, not only will your site fare better in the cut-throat world of Google rankings but you can be sure that it will look good on the smallest phone and the biggest desktop screens without having to run multiple versions for different audiences. With all these factors in play, the mobile responsive design really is a no-brainer.

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